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THE Sailing Data Analyzer
It's the CORE of the SailingPerformer project. Born in the Third Millenium beginning as personal use tool, became a commercial product because of the numerous positives feed back had. The new 2013 Sailing Data Analyzer version is extremely focused on the essential targets: Make a FAST and RELIABLE data analysis! It's a 2+1 levels solution, two levels Light and Professional for the Analysis Makers, then a Viewer for other users like coach, designers, sailmakers and crew members.
New Solutions to reach more goals:
The SailChartDrafter is an AddIN for B&G Deckman software, created to deliver an easy way to store and determine target sail ranges and crossovers in terms of angles and wind strength. It gives a great advantage when used in dynamic mode while sailing coastal races, making straightford and easy the in advance selection of the right sail to use in the next leg of the race.

The NMEA Parser is a small utility committed to make Data Analysis easier and more cost-effective. The most common software and hardware data loggers store NMEA sentences as a data flow without any listing in rows and columns. The NMEA Parser starts from these files and outputs the data as a listed text file ready to be imported with THE Sailing Data Analyzer or with third party applications.

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