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The PRO version is a powerful software tool, dedicated to people that want more than just a basic performance analisys. The Data Analyzer advanced modules provide a wide range of analysis, basically by three different approaches: The first one, the most classic, offers a TWS comparison versus the rest of the variables. The second one makes the same using TWA as main variable. The third, the deepest one, lets you set in comparison each variable against the others using a statistic approach, not only averages. All results can be combined and printed in reports ready for the crew analysis.
Stay tuned, still under Beta Testing will be avalaible soon!
The LIGHT version is a powerful and fast tool to use, made to replay the race through the boat's numbers. Once data have been imported will be easy to review all races and relative numbers with the embedded Player. With this version make a first basic analysis is fast and easy. That's generally what most of crews need, helping and accelerating the boat's learning process. Selecting and excluding appropriately the daily highlights, the average values can be collected in a printable and exportable data table. A Second and very effective tool named "Step by Step Analysis", by calculating the selected variables average values at constant time intervals, allow you to get a race performances report, highly intuitive for the whole crew.
The Viewer is the FREE version made to get each crew member able to replay races on his own PC

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